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We Need Your Support

Please Donate or Join as a Friend of the Garden Club | Cultivator Single: $30 | Cultivator Dual: $50 | Cultivator Family: $90 | Perennial: $250 | Topiary: $500 | Evergreen: $1,000 | Heirloom: $5,000

$16,520 raised

$40,000 goal


We’re Committed to You and Our Mission

The Garden Club of Jacksonville is Your Place to Grow:

  • Your love of the environment, gardening, green spaces, and sustainability;
  • Your understanding of the impact we have on the natural world;
  • Your desire to build connections with people who give their time and talent to create a better and more beautiful city.

We Can't Do It Without You

Your support of #GardenClubJax helps us provide free and low-cost programming all year long, such as:

Please Donate or Join Today

Please donate any amount or join as a Friend of the Garden Club of Jacksonville at any of these annual levels:

  • $30 Cultivator Single: One decal, newsletter, Garden Club events discount, community garden store discounts
  • $50 Cultivator Double (two adults in the same household): All Single benefits, plus two decals
  • $90 Cultivator Family (two adults plus children or grandchildren younger than 18): All Dual benefits, plus Garden Club event discounts for the whole family
  • $250 Perennial: All Family benefits, plus recognition in Garden Club Yearbook
  • $500 Topiary: All Perennial benefits, plus recognition on our website
  • $1,000 Evergreen: All Topiary benefits, plus recognition at Garden Club programs
  • $5,000 Heirloom: All Evergreen benefits, plus sponsorship of one Garden Club event
You may also mail a check to:
Garden Club of Jacksonville
1005 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Excellent Programming

#GardenClubJax is THE place in the community to encourage environmental responsibility, forge our connection to the earth, and celebrate green spaces.

We are a reliable source of information and education about environmental issues by partnering with a wide range of organizations, businesses, and government agencies to deliver that knowledge to those hungry for it. Take part in healthy activities that nourish your mind and help you learn new skills in a place that makes you feel welcome. #GardenClubJax cares about your health, happiness, and well-being.

Nothing Matches Your Support

You might have participated in one of our matching campaigns over the last three years. This year, we need your support more than ever since we do not have a matching sponsor. Please consider giving at a higher level or purchasing gift memberships for friends or family in addition to your own.

What People Are Saying

“Having such an active Garden Club in Jacksonville gives a wonderful sense of community, and green spaces are SO important.”

“I believe the Garden Club is committed to promoting sustainable gardening through education and events.”

“I feel more welcome personally, and the diversity in programming is empowering and much appreciated.”

Please help us spread the word about our campaign. We appreciate your support!